House of Representatives ended the first reading and the second of five laws and set a date next Thursday to vote on the budget
Part 2

the other hand, completed Council second reading of the bill and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, submitted by the Committee Services and Construction, which aims to review the organizational structure of the Ministry and its functions and powers and increase production and improve the quality in this sector. In interventions, ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill, MP Adnan al-Janabi said the formation of the Ministry of Construction and Housing inconsistent with Constitution, particularly as part of the exclusive authorities of the government or the joint. showed MP Jinan Albraism that the bill must include integration of the companies affiliated to the ministry as well as to speed up do some amendments to the law. MP Hassan gave the opinion that the existence of the ministry is important in the current stage, especially in the areas of housing and road construction. For her part, MP Cheyenne Mohammed on the importance that the actions of the Ministry of Construction and Housing of the powers of the regions and provinces. For her part, the Commission services and reconstruction taking into account all proposals and ideas contained in the interventions in order to mature the bill and take it out format acceptable can be achieved the target from behind. in turn said Mr. purity of net debt and the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs that there are activities of the strategy estimated by the executive branch may not be the prerogative of the provinces, pointing out that the bill is on the re-order the Ministry is still a list of where the Ministry seeks to implement in the field of planning and executive stating there is no conflict between the ministry and the establishment of the Constitution. It was decided to adjourn the meeting until tomorrow, Tuesday, 21.2.2012. the information department of the Iraqi Parliament 02/20/2012

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