The arrival of the final accounts for the budgets of the years from 2004 to 2009 to Parliament

Monday, 20 February-February 2012 14:12


Announced that the Finance Committee and parliamentary access the final accounts of the government ministries of the past two thousand and four to two thousand and nine, said committee member Najiba Najib said the delay in sending those accounts to the House of Representatives was because they contain many of the advances of Finance pointed out that the Committee will work with the government on the settlement of such advances and said Najib that the final accounts for the years two thousand and ten thousand and two and eleven did not reach so far to the House of Representatives confirmed that the discussion of the draft budget for the current year continues to be passed during the session next Monday. The House of Representatives has ended its past without a vote or decision on the general budget Hmao said the Finance Committee that the Audit Court refused to ratify the statements of final accounts received from government to parliament, saying such disclosures preliminary and not final, said committee member Haitham al-Jubouri of Baghdadi News that the final accounts must be ratified by the government until they are adopted and discussed and expressed Jubouri hope that is adopted on the state budget next Monday, adding that the parliament will host the Minister of Finance and Director of the Public Accounts in the Ministry of Finance and Chairman of Supreme Audit to discuss the budget and final accounts and the amount of seven billion dollars spent from the by the government without the knowledge of Parliament.
to the Commission criticized the service of parliamentary approval of large sums of money to balance this year without setting a clear strategy for the doors to spend them, said committee member Suhad Obeidi said the huge sums earmarked for the current year budget will increase the assets of the corrupt who are in government departments and institutions because you do not specify a clear plan for the disbursement of the budget and financial allocations for each ministry, and al-Obeidi confirmed that the government's plans governing the work of state institutions suffer a lot of lag and cause waste of money should be noted that this year's budget amounted to one hundred billion dollars, which is the largest budget in the history of Iraq.