The Commission on oil and energy: a secret deal between Baghdad and Kurdistan to pass the oil and gas law

Monday, 20 February-February 2012 14:14


A member of the Commission on oil and energy Odai Awad for a secret agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the establishment of oil and gas law to serve the reality of oil in Kurdistan against giving full powers of local government, Awad said that his committee on the legislative and regulatory refuses to strongly pass a law is subject to the courtesies of political the expense of the people, without revealing the shape of the deal, and that the objections submitted to the law of oil and gas policy before they are technical, resulting in a foul and not approved by the House of Representatives, and was intended to benefit the party at the expense of the other.
noted that for a member of the Committee energy and oil Bayazid Hassan carry the responsibility of the political blocs delayed approval of the draft law of oil and gas. Hassan said that the lack of political consensus between the blocks stand in the way without the approval of the draft law of oil and gas, the fact that this law is sensitive and needs to be approved by many of the views, adding that the financial allocations to the Ministry of Oil adequate and good because the budget depends on oil increased by ninety percent, and pointed out that there are a lot of projects to the Commission such as the Federal Council and the law establishing the Iraqi company needs to be activated as they revive the national economy, stating that Iraq has signed contracts worth billions of dollars with major international companies to develop oil fields especially South of them without the presence of an oil law, the government had already submitted the first draft of the law In February of the year two thousand and seven to parliament, but political differences have prevented the ratification of the law in parliament. .