An emergency session in Baghdad topple the Prime Salah al-Din and his deputy, and the
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Thread: An emergency session in Baghdad topple the Prime Salah al-Din and his deputy, and the

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    An emergency session in Baghdad topple the Prime Salah al-Din and his deputy, and the

    An emergency session in Baghdad topple the Prime Salah al-Din and his deputy, and the last two Aaadanha "illegal"

    (Voice of Iraq) - Salahuddin

    He announced the 16 members of the Council of Salahuddin, on Tuesday, for their vote to "consensus" on the exemption of the Speaker and his deputy, on charges of "mismanagement and negligence", and argued that they decided to question the governor in preparation for the exemption is the other from office, while stressed the President. " The article "that he would appeal the decision because the meeting was" illegal and driven "by outside parties, and considered his deputy," the article also "it is a" coup "on the political process in the governorate.

    The Secretary-General of the Council of Salahuddin province, Jassim al-Attiyah, in a press conference, held today, at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad, after the end of the meeting of the Council works, "The emergency session of the Council held today, attended by 16 members, voted for all of them to exempt Speaker Ahmed Karim , from office, "noting that" the present acting president vote for me. "

    Al-Attiyah said, "The Council decided to interrogate the current governor Raed al-Jubouri, a prelude to his removal from office."

    For his part, former Salahuddin governor, Ahmed al-Jubouri, told reporters, "The head of the provincial article Council, refused to attend the meeting," returned that "the decision to be relieved right where raised interrogation questions by a member of the Council, Ahmed Nazim, the applicant".

    He said al-Jubouri, that "the vote included the Vice President of the Council, Mekhlef return, and vote on his replacement."

    According to a source familiar with the atmosphere of the meeting, the interrogation report to the Chairman of the Board of Salahuddin province, "the article," Ahmed Karim, focused on the mismanagement and failure to provide services to the displaced, and the lack of investigation of the reasons for the fall of the city of Tikrit, however Daash gangs in 2014 the past. "

    Conversely Re Chairman Salahuddin Provincial Council "article", on what happened, in a statement seen (long-Presse) on a copy of it, stressing the "lack of a default in the performance," adding that "the Council meeting today, involves political dimensions, especially that most of the present for the hearing today, it is absent and residents in Erbil, did not attend the meetings of the Council in Tikrit. "

    Karim felt, that "the meeting of the provincial council, which held today, illegitimate," denying "officially informed of the timing, but also by telephone, although the system does not allow it."

    Chairman of the Board and threatened the province of Salah al-Din "article", that he "will submit an appeal to the administrative court," adding that "what happened is a disregard for the law", according to the recipe.

    He accused the Koran, the session participants that they "have sold their net worth and their people did not stand with the security forces," pointing out that "the vote during the meeting was paid the price, by the merchant Ahmed al-Jubouri."

    He also accused the President of the Council of Salahuddin province, "the article", in his statement, the foreign parties to "pay to hold a meeting today to achieve personal interests."

    Meanwhile, the deputy chairman of the Council of Salahuddin province, "the article" Also, Mekhlef the return of al-Dulaimi, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "what happened today is a meeting hotel and not a formal meeting of the Council of the province," he returned to "The meeting decisions are illegal and constitute a coup against the political process in Salah al-Din. "

    The al-Dulaimi, that "the informal session managed by the President of the Council or his deputy, held in the provincial council building or at home," proving that the "election of the governor, Raed al-Jubouri, eight months ago, during a meeting held in the city of Samarra, (40 km south of Tikrit), ie within the borders of the province, despite the time that the security situation was bad. "

    He said al-Dulaimi, that "the situation of security in Tikrit, well now, and that the rules of procedure stipulates that the Council vote session preceding the meeting, which is intended to be held outside the borders of the province by an absolute majority."

    The deputy chief of the popular crowd, Abu Mahdi Mohandes, warned two weeks from the exploitation of "political money to corrupt receivables before."

    The Salah al-Din Provincial Council, comprising 29 members.

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