Parliamentary Finance Committee: It is very difficult to display the budget to a vote at tomorrow's meeting
19/02/2012 16:44

Baghdad, February 19 (Rn) - The Finance Committee representative, on Sunday, for the inability to finish preparing the draft budget for 2012 and down to put in tomorrow's meeting to vote, indicating that the observations and requests the members of the House of Representatives and the provinces are many and require time to complete.

The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, had announced last week to set a date on Monday to vote on the budget.

A member of the Church Committee Mustafa told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), that "it is very difficult to complete the project budget is the day for presentation at the meeting tomorrow to vote because of the large number of observations."

Mustafa said that "the Finance Committee currently underway to study all the notes that relate to members of the House of Representatives and the provinces are too many and require time."

He expected a member of the Finance Committee, "the completion of all observations and submit the report to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives on Tuesday."

And the opening of the House of Representatives debate on the paragraphs of the federal budget for 2012 last month with political blocs announced that they will not vote on the project did not include demands.

The Iraqi government has approved in its emergency meeting on the fifth of December last year 2012 budget by $ 100 billion (about 117 trillion Iraqi dinars) and a deficit of up to $ 13.5 billion (about 17 trillion dinars).

The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation of Iraq to delay adoption of the budget due to political differences directly affects the provision of services to citizens which is paid to the call for speedy adoption of the budget.

Iraqi cities and need money desperately to build its infrastructure destroyed by years of war, sanctions and violence, and protesting citizens on an ongoing basis on the lack of basic services that have not been able to successive Iraqi governments have provided despite the passage of nine years to overthrow the former regime.