He said despite the statements convulsive right .. Osama beautiful: It's hard to fight the Kurds Maliki
On: Sun 02/19/2012 13:31

Baghdad (news) .. ruled out the MP / Kurdistan Islamic Union / Osama Jamil Nouri al-Maliki to fight the Alliance of Kurdistan or the Kurdish political forces, for they are the foundation of the basic pillars of the political process.
The likely political circles, that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has the fight against the Kurdistan region and affiliated political parties within the region to embrace Tareq al-Hashemi required to eliminate, as well as adherence to the Kurdish demands can not be applied to the owners.
Jameel said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Sunday: I can not imagine a Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to fight Kurdish blocs in Baghdad, because the Kurdistan pillar of the main pillars in the political process, and it is not easy to be the one Bmharepetthm.
The MP for the Islamic Union of Kurdistan (PUK): that the situation between Maliki and the Kurdistan could see the remarks in a hot time is not Balgarib, and that all previous regimes had to fight the Kurds and the latter came to Baghdad and the Kurds have become a strong pillar.
The MP for the / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Hassan Jihad, had confirmed the determination of the Kurdistan Alliance to put material (14) in the national meeting, noting that the lack of application of this article would be a danger to the situation in Iraq and will create major problems between the provinces.
The Jihad (the news) that the coalition of Kurdish blocs will be put to Article (140) in the National Congress unconstitutional and a benefit to the political blocs and the government commitment to implement this article.
He added that the government not to apply the material would be a danger to the situation in Iraq and there will be a big problem between the disputed areas.
The MP from Kurdistan Alliance bloc to: that the Constitution chose the peaceful way to solve the problem of the disputed areas as the lack of application will lead to big problems between these regions, especially since there was no harm in its application because the Kurdistan region in accordance with the Constitution is part of the Iraq...