Stock market: 41 billion dinars, the volume of trading last month
On: Sun 02/19/2012 9:05

Baghdad / range
declared the Iraqi market for securities Saturday from trading in more than 24 billion shares valued at more than 41 billion dinars during the last month and an average of five sessions per week.
and trading of the market during the month of January 24 billion and 473 million shares trading value reached 41 billion and 186 million dinars, the equivalent of $ 34 million a session low by 32.4 percent from last December,

While the number of companies traded 59 companies out of 87 companies listed electronically on the market. The index of the first stock exchange in its opening month of January to 138.18 points, up 1.58 percent from the last session of a month last December and was up by 12 percent from its last meeting for the month of January.