"Iraq," adopts a new project to achieve national reconciliation
Posted 18/02/2012 03:13 PM
BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
has adopted the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, put a new project, to achieve national reconciliation as part of its working paper submitted to the National Congress, who called him President Jalal Talabani, to contain the political crisis.

A meeting of leaders and presidencies in Iraq .. Towards meeting the national

A member of the list MP Talal Hussein Zobaie that "reconciliation is one of the leading terms of an agreement Arbil, and the list has taken it upon themselves to put the new project through the formation of a committee comprising representatives of political forces and agreed to renounce violence in all its forms and the prevention of harboring foreign elements seeking to destabilize the security of Iraq" noting that the most prominent stated in the project: "to speed up the adoption of legislation relating to accountability, justice, and select members of the Commission, and approval of legal amnesty, and the inventory of arms, however, the state and re-excluded from their jobs by bringing them the decisions of the past, and to reject all manifestations of sectarian and partisan in the distribution of public functions between the sons of Iraqi people. "
Zobaie stressed that the main tasks of the Committee's proposed move to armed factions, in coordination with official authorities and the Parliamentary Committee competent in this matter, urging them to announce their participation in the political process "that includes action groups believe in the democratic process and is not involved with crimes against the Iraqi people . "
In Iraq, three sides involved in the achievement of reconciliation, the first committee in the House of Alanop, and the other linked to head the government, and the third Chancellery of the Prime Minister for Reconciliation, chaired by the Amer Khuzaie, who declared in more than one occasion the accession of many armed factions of the political process, but sources in that factions denied by data published by the Arab media and domestic denied their response to calls for reconciliation, indicating that few of its members, have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the government.