Deputy for Kurdistan: We will endeavor to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and the presence of leaders to the summit that will help

Thursday, February 16, 2012 20:03

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Mohammad Qasim Qasim, Iraq sought to get out of Chapter VII during the Arab Summit and the presence of Arab leaders will help to achieve this.
Kassem said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {} "The Arab League is concerned to determine the agenda of the Summit is scheduled to hold several meetings during the coming period to discuss this matter and to develop agendas summit."
It is scheduled to be held in Baghdad Arab summit on the 29th of next month after it was scheduled to be held in the past year .
He added, MP for Kurdistan, "the summit will strive to bring out the country from Chapter VII, and the presence of Arab leaders that will help because they will see first hand what happened appointed by the destruction of this country."
This stressed the need for Qasim to resolve differences and problems between the political blocs to the success of the National Congress.
Political blocs and intends to hold a meeting under the auspices of a national President Jalal Talabani to resolve their differences and find a way out of the current crisis.