Electoral Commission: the law of parties will enter into force after a month from now

A spokesman for the election commission Mekdad Sharifi, Monday, that the work of political parties, passed by the House of Representatives law will come into force after a month from now. He said Sharifi in a statement received, Sumerian News, "The parties law will come into force after it has been its publication in the Official Gazette number 4383 in the facts of the 12 of October last. "He said Sharifi, that" The Commission has taken all legal and administrative procedures for the implementation of the paragraphs of the law through the development of systems and procedures stipulated by the legislator of law. " It is said that House of Representatives voted in its session held in (27 August 2015) by a vote of its members on the draft political parties law, while the Presidency of the Republic announced the endorsement of President Fuad Masum, the law in question (September 16 2015).