Greeting Peoples Dinar Members,

Here is an update to our post from the other day. This is very positive.

Here is what Ray emailed me:


Talked to one of my guys today who said that he saw on iraqi TV, Mohammad Saleh, the deputy governor of the CBI, was stating that the new dinar has all this security stuff built into it that it would be very hard to counterfeit. He also said that the three zeroes are being dropped.

He also said that they would be distributing the new dinar soon and everyone was going to have to exchange their current dinar for the new dinar. He also said that all the CBI is waiting for is the go ahead from Maliki. When they get the go ahead, they will be doing that mass media campaign to let everyone in the country know it is time for the new dinar to be distributed. I think this is significant because he had the news conference two weeks ago saying this, talked to IKNews a few days ago saying this, and it is now on Iraqi TV saying this.

I feel he is telling everyone that it truly is very soon now and to be ready. My friend also said that they are voting on the budget Monday. Also, after they vote on the budget, Maliki is having a meeting sometime next week with all the leaders to settle everything with the government. Everything is moving right along and I feel that it won't be much longer. Everyone be patient a little longer. We are almost there. I'll let you know know when I hear more. Have a good time on your trip.



Thank you for such great news. This is also the best news yet!

We will keep you posted tomorrow with more news.

This is the best news yet. I cannot believe what they said.

Please remain positive and let Iraq finish wrapping things up.

Ray, thank you so much for all you do.

Remember, "Silence is golden unless you can improve on it!"

I hope you all have a great week and even better weekend. This coming Monday is a holiday for some so enjoy. See you all when I get back.

God Bless you all and your families.