Economist: responsible for financial policy professionals and serious repercussions for the delay budget

Friday, February 17, 2012 14:10

The economist said Husam Obeid said that "those responsible for financial policy of the country are the people who are not specialists in the economic sphere," warning of "serious consequences arising from the delay in approving the budget of Finance."

The president of the Board of Directors of a consortium of banks {Economics Investment & Finance} in a press statement "It is unfortunate that many officials at the policy-making financial of the country are the people who are not specialists in this area, as well as the negative role played by the political rivalries between the political blocs in the delay of all plans development in the country because each side sought to ensure that the largest share of the budget for the supporters. "

He added that "there must be specialists dividing the balance between operational and non-operational, according to the requirements of all sectors," noting that "the time spent until the budget is approved and a negative impact heavily on the economic situation in the whole of Iraq."

Obaid said that "the financial budget to be determined under the revenue, and oil revenues in Iraq continues, and in a continuous rise, but, alas, is no longer a citizen sees no improvement in the economic situation and despite the increase in revenue of the country."

"We should have seen the Iraqi citizen economic condition are going for the better after the fall of the former regime, and this is done through the financial budget that fit with the general need," and wondered "how long remains the employee's salary to Ajkovah only half of the month? Where support staff and where the support of the public and private sectors? and where the financial allocations for development projects that the average citizen does not know where to go and I know his objects of spending? ".

And that "the son of the city lacks many of today's services, then what about the old countryside? Especially since all industrial sectors Parked, and the electricity sector had not undertaken Since the period before 2003, is it reasonable to Aanhi for this sector over the past 25 years although the lifeblood that fuels the industrial, agricultural and service sectors and all walks of life. "

"We are experts economists we have seen is inconceivable in this country, for example, is it conceivable that each new minister of electricity is loaded responsibility for mistakes and breaches of the minister, who was the ministry before?, As if it deliberately for the purpose of making the responsibility for these violations, lost among the several ministers, in light of the scandals that tell us once in a while through the newspapers and on satellite TV companies did not provide billions caught something or not officials squandered billions Andzoa any project, as if the electricity issue is in limbo. "

He called on slaves to "the involvement of economists and business leaders and investors in the Iraqi market in the formulation of financial and economic policy of the country and according to the theories of modern practice in many developed countries." Ended