Urgent .. start the process of transfer of 400 of the creation of opposition from Diyala to Baghdad

Friday, February 17, 2012 15:03

Diyala {: News} Euphrates began the process of transfer of the first group of residents of Camp Ashraf Iraq's new} {formerly in the province of Diyala Camp Liberty in Baghdad.

The mayor of Khalis, Uday Alkhaddran, which oversees the process of transportation, told {Euphrates News} today that "the process of transferring the first set of elements of the creation of the Iranian opposition began today Bohrafa direct and supervise the police chief of Diyala Diyala Brigadier General Jamil Al Shammari," adding that "the first group 400 include an element of creation will be transported by 20 buses belonging to the Ministry of Transport to the new location in Camp Liberty, located near Baghdad International Airport, opposite yard Abbas Ibn Firnas, ".

He Alkhaddran that "the forces of the Diyala police will accompany the buses from Diyala to Baghdad to secure their protection."

Camp Ashraf is the {155 km north of Baquba, capital of Diyala province}, headquarters of the Organization of Iran (PMOI) opposition, and includes more than 3400 people, and the camp was held in the early eighties of the last century.

The file is being said the camp from time to time since the fall of the former Iraqi regime, which was home to members of the organization and is also armed them, but Iraq has decided to end the Organization's presence in the country with the end of this year, being the "terrorist involved in the killing of Iraqis."

And was founded to create {people} in 1965, to the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, and after the Islamic revolution in 1979 opposed the Islamic regime, and turned many of its members to Iraq during the war between Iran and Iraq from 1980 to 1988 and contributed significantly to suppress the popular uprising of the blessed in 1991. is over 32.