House examines the budget next Tuesday, 2016

«Action»: loaned us approximately 350 small parliamentary source of the House included the discussion of the draft budget law for the year 2016 in the agenda of the Parliament session for next Tuesday.

Rep. Kader Mohamed, «House hold regular meeting next Tuesday to conduct the first reading of the draft budget law for the year 2016, noting that the Bill reached the House a week ago.

The parliamentary Finance Committee received special budget in the House of representatives, and a number of ministries.

It is noted that, the parliamentary Finance Committee revealed on Tuesday the arrival of balancing 2016 to Parliament Commission».

It showed that '' will be the first after reading transmitted to the Committee next week.

The parliamentary Finance Committee had earlier called on the Cabinet to adhere to legal time limit for the submission of the budget for the year 2016 to deputies.

And Financial Committee reaffirmed its keenness to study public budget to achieve economic goals, and ensure equity for all segments of Iraqi society.

It is noted that the Cabinet had approved in its session on 13 September 2016 budget bill totaling 106 trillion dinars, and the inability of some 23 trillion dinars.

On another level, the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs said Saturday that it lent (358) researchers from vulnerable groups (disabled, women heads of households, widows, divorced), to create small income-generating projects within the programme of CBR since the start of the second phase of the program in 2007 and ends on 30 September of the current year.

The Ministry's spokesman Ammar Menem told WordPress to twilight news, Ministry lent (358) scholar of vulnerable groups in society from within the CBR (with disabilities who are able to work, and severe disabilities, women heads of households, widows, divorcees, absolute released prisoners) since the beginning of the second phase of the program in 2007 to 30 September 2015, to create small income-generating projects within the CBR program in three provinces (298) of males and 60 females, indicating The program has two phases, the first of the year (1995 to 2004) in cooperation with the International Labour Organization ILO, the Ministry which loaned (868) projects in eight governorates (Baghdad, Ninawa, Basrah, Babil, Karbala and Diwaniyah, Wasit, Diyala) and the total amount up to 600 million dinars, and the second began in 2007 and till now.