Source: waving to form a majority government and a means to pressure the Iraqi

16/02/2012 13:15

Baghdad / Orr News

A source familiar with the Iraqi National Alliance may resort to a majority government after the last failed attempts to bring the views with respect to the Iraqi List, submitted to the Preparatory Committee as well as the demands of the National Alliance.

The source said that "after the rejection of a former Liberal bloc resort to form a majority government took over the rule of law signal tacit approval of the Sadrist movement, to approve the assignment of demand to form a majority government if the doomed efforts of the Preparatory Committee to fail", as well as the lack of convergence in the perspective of the Iraqi List, with National Alliance. "The National Alliance, in this case may use the constitutional articles of the mechanism of forming a government after assurances constitutional law experts that the Government majority is a question of constitutional legitimacy can be used as a means to pressure the other party if they remained adamant to disrupt the political process." The This step in conjunction with the assurances of state law for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc to the implementation of the provisions of Article 140 and the activation of the section on the Convention on the Erd Erbil.