Political blocs agreed to unite the working papers before the national meeting

Source «morning»: a meeting next Sunday will see the positions in resolving the Baghdad morning - Omar Abdel-Latif

I learned the "morning" of the sources I attended the third meeting of the Preparatory Committee yesterday that the political blocs agreed to unite the working papers that are exchanged before the meeting yesterday, the National.This comes at a time revealed the source of high-level "morning", about the possibility of resolving the positions of some of the blocks, including the Iraqi List, at a meeting next Sunday. The source said in a telephone interview: "The meeting yesterday was positive, but he did not discuss things in detail," but he stressed that "the situation is moving towards relaxation and going to see a week (next week) is positive"

Following a meeting of the Preparatory Committee, said House Speaker Osama al: "The meeting discussed at length and in detail the working papers submitted by the political blocs." Said Najafi said in a statement yesterday that "the talks marked by frankness and objectivity", declaring that next Sunday will hold a meeting New on the road to complete the preparations for the conference.

Deputy Speaker Arif Tayfur announced yesterday that the Parliament is making a special effort for the success of a national meeting is expected. office quoted Tayfur him as saying during a meeting with the delegation of the U.S. embassy headed by Douglas any Silliman Minister Delegate for Political Affairs: "The return of Congress list to the Iraqi parliament sessions, in addition to the return to the list of Ministers of the Council of Ministers to engage in their daily work helped a lot to calm the atmosphere and surround the political crisis. "

He Tayfur to "Parliament is busy these days to the federal budget in 2012 and the study of new bills, and currently is making a special effort for the success of a national meeting called by President Jalal Talabani." For his part, said the delegation hopes that the U.S. administration because Iraq will be stable and become a model developed in the region.

And the return to a meeting of the Preparatory Committee, the MP for the State of Law coalition member Khalid al-Asadi of the Preparatory Committee that the meeting which was held yesterday is not the last. Asadi said the "morning" after the meeting: "The work (Altkhaddaria Committee) is to study the leaf blocks and set the agenda and priorities and the foundations and principles that would put a national meeting," asserting the existence of long discussions before that.

He described the atmosphere of Asadi's meeting yesterday as a "frank and serious and clear," indicating non-completion of work of this committee so far. Asadi and revealed the existence of an agreement between the blocks, which were combined to prepare a consolidated paper, stressing keenness to complete them in the next few days.

She is an official news that "President Jalal Talabani told all the political blocs not to hold national meeting, but after their agreement on a single sheet of paper to put on the agenda of the conference." And announced that the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the national meeting held on the sixth of this month to agree not to politicize the judiciary and the representation of all components of Iraqi society fully in the political process and the fight against terrorism, while calling the President of the Committee develop a road map to continue the political process in the framework of the constitution and agreements Arbil.

In turn, said the National Alliance MP Hussein al-Asadi that there are still issues in dispute are articulated between the political blocs.
He said al-Asadi told the "morning", he was "up to this time there are issues articulated are a bone of contention between the political blocs Kqdata Tareq al-Hashemi, Saleh al-Mutlaq, in addition to some of the issues to be discussed within the national meeting although they belong to the prime minister or cabinet , especially with regard to the security minister designate.

As a member of the Preparatory Committee MP Ammar Tohme has stressed the "morning", confirmed that all parties to respect the separation of powers and functions. Tohme and that "the judicial files does not present within the agenda of the preparatory meetings (referring to the case of Tariq al-Hashimi), either political files Each topic can have dialogue and discussion around it and is accessible to a formula or a unified vision.
In the same context, MP for the coalition of state law Hassan Sinead, a member of the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting was the exchange of securities between the representatives of three political blocs, "the National Alliance and the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance."
He said in a press statement, "it was at the meeting agreed not to deviate from the Constitution and abide by the results that will come out of this meeting."

He described Sinead atmosphere that prevailed the meeting as "positive," noting that the conferees in connection with the consolidation of these securities in accordance with the frameworks, constitutional and principles of action, "a description which is consistent with the statements of the head of the Liberals in the House of Representatives Bahaa al-Araji, who said," The meeting today (yesterday) was positive and we exchanged Working Papers of the political blocs, and we agreed that the Constitution is a red line that can not be bypassed. "

"The representatives of the political blocs have their papers that contain a lot of the participants." MP of the coalition "Iraq," Salem Sabawi Daly has said, "The coalition submitted a paper to the Preparatory Committee for the meeting included the upcoming national within its terms of determining the positions of the three presidencies constituencies only two sessions."

He said in a press statement, "The application of" Iraq "project serves the political and democratic course in the country and not to deal with him and other files positive evidence of the lack of desire in the possession of the other outstanding issues to resolve crises through dialogue."
He added, "everyone should urgently reach different views and that solutions to the crises and problems experienced by the country, especially in light of the general conviction that the country in real crisis."