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During a meeting with the President of the Board of Supreme Audit Speaker of Parliament confirms its support for the development of financial control process and the preservation of public money
November 8, 2015

House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, received in his office, on Sunday, the President of the Board of Supreme Audit Mr. Farouk Abdel Halim reconcile.
During the meeting, they discussed ways to develop the work of the bureau and to overcome the obstacles that hinder the progress of the regulatory process, where the President of the Parliament confirmed its full support for the Foundation as an important pillar in the consolidation of the oversight role of the fight against corruption and the corrupt and concern for the public money.
The sovereignty that the House is keen to develop the regulatory process and the adoption of modern methods and means which would contribute to building solid institutions.
For his part, Mr. Tawfiq price support Mr. President of the Parliament of the efforts of BSA, and his quest to overcome the obstacles to his work.
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The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives