Sadr's call for ending the boycott of the United States

16/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Twilight News, The Center for the Iraqi media in Washington, Thursday, the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr, announced the cancellation of its decision to boycott the deal with the United States, following his recent statement that he considered that Iraq is no longer occupied by it. The chest of the strongest opponents of the presence of U.S. after 2003 and raised anti-American and led two uprisings against U.S. forces in 2004. Centre's Director, the Iraqi media in Washington, Nizar Haidar said in a statement reported for "Twilight News" that Sadr's statement "a positive step task emphasizes national sovereignty acquired by Iraq after nearly nine years of foreign occupation, which involved a country because of the policies of the despotic regime of spaniel. " and added, "I commend the decision and on what is in it of the important principles affirmed the keenness of the Sadrist movement and its leader, the unity and sovereignty of Iraq, as well as on the process of rebuilding the ravaged policies of the former regime and was followed by of a vigorous war waged by groups of violence and terrorism. " He called Haider leader of the Sadrist movement, to "issue a statement last announcing the cancellation of its decision to boycott all kinds to deal with the United States of America, which it keeps him throughout the years past that followed the fall of the idol on the ninth of April 2003 . " and that Sadr's statement last resort "in which he emphasized on the state of the foreign occupation of Iraq, which is the direct reason for his decision to boycott dealing with the United States, there is no more reason to continue to uphold and abide by such decision." and explained that "the supposed Sadr that Looking for new mechanisms to regulate the relationship and way of dealing with the United States of America also deals with any other country in this world, The latter is no longer an occupied country of Iraq, but there is an agreement of a strategic framework systems, the relationship between Baghdad and Washington. " stressed Haider that "restores the current reading of the relationship with Washington, which would contribute in changing the situation in a positive way helps Iraq on the organization of this relationship in the framework of the Convention referred to, and which contribute to the application of terms of the agreement its contents at large, and set out in the various fields. " He asked Haidar, "How is it possible to adhere to the Sadr movement's decision had been taken during the period of occupation at the time believed the leader, that that period of time has ended and I began a new era is different from what went on all the difference? ". He Haider that "the decision was no justifiable when the United States is an occupying power in Iraq, but now has completed its withdrawal from Iraq is no longer as it was an occupied country, why not deal with it like any other country? ". and March under pressure from the chest in order to accelerate the departure of U.S. troops from Iraq ahead of schedule. And pulled out the Americans in December 18 last year. and the Sadrist movement led by al-Sadr about 40 lawmaker and a number of ministries, including planning, Labour and Social Affairs, Housing and Construction, municipalities and water resources, tourism and effects add to the post of first deputy speaker of parliament. The Sadrist movement has given his support for re-nomination of the Prime the current government after Nuri al-Maliki was standing against the nomination for several months. 's p / m c

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