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    Extending down

    Extending down


    Hussein Fawzi
    from the heavy legacy that has plagued Iraq by the policy adventures of the previous dictatorial regime in escaping from crises abroad, financial compensation to Kuwait decided upon by the Security Council under Chapter VII.
    One of the functions of the Iraqi state, its authorities, the three work to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, as well as make efforts to persuade neighboring Kuwait to exempt Iraq from the rest of the "benefits" of compensation, or at least as Prime Minister of Kuwait the past, looking for formulas for the investment of compensation within Iraq, in order to strengthen the economic base of the Iraqi state of the Federal Democratic, are accelerating work to restore services and upgrade them, and absorb unemployment, and provide the best medical care and educational opportunities, including built generations do not suffer from want and neglect, so up for grabs for the arguments of totalitarianism or invitations fanatical rejection of respect for others, whether citizen or a country nearby.
    and bear the Iraqi government, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsibility to "convince" the international community remove Iraq from Chapter VII, as well as "reassure" the State of Kuwait to a review of the "collect" compensation invasion.
    But unfortunately, is that some government officials, as well as deputies are looking for stardom cheap forefront of media campaigns , hamper official efforts to get us out of Chapter VII, and fueling of reservations in the conscience of Kuwait officially and popularly. And Worse from this that these propositions convulsive have created a climate imagine the citizens they are entitled to "disclosure of arms against Kuwait," rode wavelength some of those who did not understand lessons Conference Aqeer in 1922, passing through the king vanity Ghazi I (1936 and 1937), and ask Lt. Gen. Abdel-Karim Kassem in Kuwait in 1961, and finally the invasion of the ousted regime in 1990.
    that what was announced by a spokesman for the Court of Appeal of Dhi Qar, Judge Nazim Waeli on the transfer of six Iraqi citizens accused of plotting to bomb the port of Mubarak, Kuwaiti criminal court competent in the city of Nasiriyah, is an attempt to impose the authority of State to the foreign policy of Iraq, and prevent damage to relations with its neighbors, which made ​​great efforts to set up according to the contexts of contemporary far from the arrogance of the force exerted by the previous dictatorial regime.
    But the question that I ask the state authorities of the three is whether the trial of these citizens is all action should be taken on those who violate the principles of good neighborliness, or should be doing legal articles that punish offenders for Iraq's relations with international safety limit exposure to risk, as well as keeping it under Chapter VII? Some researchers therefore stop for stardom and the occupants of a wave of crises for fiery statements detrimental to Iraq alone, and keep him at the mercy of diphtheria caused by the arrogance of the decisions of international policy to escape from the crisis and the internal node is governed by outdated ideas of the older brother in Iraq, and threatened the younger brother node in Kuwait.

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