Suhail calls to speed up the vote on the budget for the release of grades and complete projects

Thursday, February 16, 2012 12:26

Baghdad {: News} discussed the Euphrates, First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail with the parliamentary Finance Committee budget for fiscal year 2012 as well as laws in arrears to the Committee.

Suhail said during his chairing of the meeting of the Committee to the need to speed up the adoption of the financial budget, as many of the projects and grades stalled due to delays in approval.

He called at the same time to determine the limits of time to send the budget as of the date sent by the government through the House of Representatives in discussing and voting on them in order not to delay the recurrence of the vote in each year.

He stressed on the necessity of setting priorities Mounaqlat financial plans to the House of Representatives to do by pointing out the need to allocate plenty of Finance in the budget for the treatment of cancer patients since there are substantial costs borne by the families of the injured person, which requires us to extend a helping hand to them. Ended.