Regions and provinces hold parliamentary meeting to discuss the amendment of the law 21 of 2008

16/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) held a Committee of the Regions and the provinces parliamentary meeting with the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs to discuss the amendment of the law 21 of 2008 Law of the provincial councils to reflect the lack of competition between the executive and legislative branches, but there continue to break laws serve the country in general and there is no competition between the two authorities. Minister of State for the provinces and territories Nourhan Mufti told a news conference held in Baghdad and attended by reporter Agency (news) on Thursday: The Law 21 is the second constitution of governments to Amhalih in Iraq and therefore the Ministry of State is working to amend this law because it is written on the urgency and the complexity of powers between the center and the government. said Mufti: We have been able in cooperation with the Council of State to get out a paper of this law, which contains a wealth of administrative and financial powers in local government and freedom of movement conservatives. The Mufti: We hope the Council of Ministers to pass this Act quickly and that Aalaqa major objections in Parliament on the mind of a joint paper between the government and parliament and we hope to be an integral part of managerial decentralization.

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