Statement on the occasion of first anniversary of the start of the peaceful revolution of February 14 glorious

2/15/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
In the name of God the Merciful (the victory of God and the opening soon) with more hope and optimism for a bright future justice prevails and the responsible freedom and democracy-conscious throughout the Arab world, we receive and with us are free to the world the anniversary of the start of the revolution the people of Bahrain brotherly peaceful national, which falls on the fourteenth of February, day I got the hordes of the Bahraini people, noble their men and women, and Hebha and youth to the field of pearl and streets of Manama and other cities Bahrain declared its revolution blessed against injustice and arbitrariness of the system Al-Khalifa, reactionary, announcing to the whole world that people are stronger than tyrants, no matter how Tafranoa, and ask in a civilized way their legitimate rights to freedom and justice equality and fair distribution of wealth, and an end to the monopoly of power and wealth by the system Khulaifi and his mercenaries, and the caller to stop a plot to change the social fabric of Bahrain through the naturalization of sectarian ugly, and the marginalization of the majority population and the majority political, calling for a peaceful transfer of power and political pluralism true and a new constitution that keep pace with requirements of the times and Evrq between the sons of the homeland one based on sectarian or doctrinal. the revolution the fourteenth of February, earned the respect and sympathy of all free world to Slmatha and Houdaratha and its lofty goals and slogans humanitarian and national sincere, which represented the people all of the people and the homeland of each country, despite the attack media fierce, despite all the disinformation and incitement media against the US-led media platforms yellow funded fitting of petro _ dollars. the People's Committee in Iraq Taking bless the people of Bahrain revolution generous, Taking Taatrahm the revolutionary martyrs who died for the sake of Bahrain a free and prosperous, deplores the silence of the major powers and the hypocrisy of political in dealing with the revolution of the people of Bahrain unarmed and kept silent on the massacres committed by and committed the so-called (Peninsula Shield Force) led by Saudi Arabia help mercenary system Khulaifi fearful of people. On the basis of the values ​​and habits of the Iraqi people, holy and its relations with the ancient historical people of Bahrain renewal of the People's Committee in Iraq, its solidarity hard with the people of Bahrain brother, and to continue its full support and entrusting his revolution by peaceful fair until victory, God willing. Glory and immortality to the martyrs of the revolution February 14 glorious, mercy and blessing them, and freedom breaking of detainees and prisoners, and the shame of the system Al-Khalifa, spaniel, and the system of Al-Saud sectarian client (and plot and plan, God, and God the best of planners). People's Committee in Iraq to assign the people of Bahrain, Baghdad 14 / February / 2012

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