Mr. Hakim calls for the intensification of the meetings of the Preparatory Committee
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Thread: Mr. Hakim calls for the intensification of the meetings of the Preparatory Committee

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    Mr. Hakim calls for the intensification of the meetings of the Preparatory Committee

    Mr. Hakim calls for the intensification of the meetings of the Preparatory Committee and that there will be a week of national understanding

    Wednesday, February 15, 2012 20:01

    {Baghdad, Euphrates News} stressed Mr. Ammar Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council on the need to develop a clear strategy to fight poverty after he confirmed reports that the number of Iraqis below the poverty line 7 million Iraqis in the country is one of the richest countries in the region, noting that his visit to the province of Nineveh, was launched of the pillars of national political forces to stop appealing to media statements convulsive.

    He said in his speech that he delivered at the Cultural Forum's weekly Wednesday
    "The political problem in Iraq is not the vision and find solutions, but in the serious lack of will to work the application of solutions, pointing to the large number of initiatives that were fired were taken out at the time, but taking out after a while.
    In Shan visit to the province of Nineveh, Mr. Hakim said, "his visit to Mosul evidence of pride sons of Iraq, whatever their religious, national and religious, pointing out that the visit is an episode of a series of visits was preceded to the provinces in the South and Middle Euphrates and Western province of Kurdistan."

    "The message carried to the sons of Mosul, which reads (We carry you a message of love and harmony and coexistence of Baghdad, the capital and Basra, Najaf and Karbala, and the rest of the governorates of Iraq), stressing that the principle of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and one clear that the strength of Sunni power of Shia and vice versa and that the force Kurdish and Turkmen from the power of the Arab and vice versa as well as Muslims and that the strength of the power of Christians. "

    Mr. Hakim said he was not safe for the children of the sons of Basra, Mosul, but safely and satiety to the people of Mosul, when full, but the sons of Basra, everyone in one body and the sons of the country and one people.

    He stressed that "the principle of the Supreme Council is not a slogan called or word hollow express a political stance, but rather is an approach adopted and adhered to by standing with the people all of us, referring to tax big pay as a result communicate with the Iraqi people, expressing regret that the time today is the time alignments and auctions as a way easier to attract public opinion.

    However, Mr. Hakim said the principle of the Supreme Council is open to the people and be convinced everyone that this principle represents the best solution to address the problems, stressing that the Supreme Council does not work in politics for politics but for the service of citizens and reduce their suffering and enhance the security and well-being and prosperity of the Iraqi unity and citizens Iraqis.

    He expressed his confidence of the Iraqi people consciously and its ability to recognize and diagnose truthful than others and those who wants to build than others, pointing out that the construction of the toughest demolition and that the Supreme Council chose the harder route service to the citizens.

    And on the domestic policy of communication and opening up the regional
    Between Mr. Hakim's policy of openness at home is the same policy of openness in the international and regional relations with neighboring countries n through communication and clarify the vision of Iraqis that are neighboring countries and regional countries for all Iraqis to gain a bigger role in Iraq and that any country will lose a lot in dealing with the Iraqi people If Takndguet to slide over another or wing Iraq at the expense of the other, pointing to the need to build stable relations with neighboring countries and the region, stemming from the principle of respect for sovereignty and common interests, pointing to the need to understand the complexities in these countries, refusing to Iraq to be a party to these complications.

    He said al-Hakim that "the impression that focus of the visit to Nineveh, and a number of aspects and Aqdatha in Sinjar and Tal Afar and Bartella and the Nineveh Plain and Hamdania and Nimrod is the same impression, which was found in the rest of Mjafezat Iraq, noting that the masses have a single message is the proud diversity of Iraq and very careful to standardize the situation.

    Pluralism and expressed as much as the Iraqis are proud of it and are eager to strengthen the relationship among them.
    Diagnostic problem is the conflict between the politicians and not between people.

    He called on politicians to learn from the Iraqi people and their culture biocenotic and solidarity, pointing out that the people of Nineveh, like the rest of the sons of the provinces have blamed severe in how the distribution of wealth and waste a lot of them and stampede among politicians and the scramble for position and the bloodshed continued, hoping to find more respect for the citizen Iraqis and more attention Bhmumh and issues, stressing that the concerns are the responsibility of Motunaian Almtsidin.

    And that "the Iraqis as much manipulated in peaceful co-existence but denies the history and manipulated Bhadharh, future, and will increase the suffering of the Iraqis, asking that His Eminence is the foundation of coexistence and unification and the framework for the work of one team, why not live and in the rush option?.

    Thanking the people of Nineveh to emotion feelings that moved away from the courtesies and hospitality and reception for His Eminence during the rally, wandered in and around the districts of Nineveh.

    In regard to the political crisis problem a lack of will to apply solutions
    Mr. Hakim said that the "working papers, initiatives and principles presented to the Preparatory Committee for the national meet are the same as that put forward in the Eid al-Fitr before six months, stressing that the problem is not the vision, but the will to work seriously for solutions.

    He noted the large number of initiatives that were fired were taken out at the time, but taking out after a while, wondering whether the real-world solutions to what is not taken out of the first day before going into the ordeal, noting that the initiatives that were fired did not put the name of the Supreme Council and was open in front of the wants to be adopted.

    He said al-Hakim that what is important is to address the problems of the country and go Alambadarat to develop solutions, and warned of the exhaustion of the political blocs as a result of the continuing crises and keeps them permanently and Mstvzen citizen feel embarrassed and boredom.

    He said everyone on the success of the national meeting and the need to go out the outcome of the reassuring and achieve climates public for more than serve the people, calling on political parties to mitigate the demands partisan in favor of their partners, warning that Altmitrs mean exit conference or meeting, the outcome is appropriate and will remain the crises and sufferings of the citizen list.

    He also called al-Hakim to intensify meetings of the Preparatory Committee that week have called on the national Week of understanding to be intensive meetings to end the crisis as soon as, appealing to the political parties to stop the convulsive media statements to boost confidence and create a climate of understanding.

    And that success requires that everyone be loyal to the homeland and Mrtakin to the level of challenges, stressing that the discourse of national responsibility, and that means everyone will express its commitment to its responsibility towards the nation and standing with the people in his problems.

    On the subject of the ministerial meeting monthly for each province
    Mr. Hakim praised the move by the government recently adopted the holding of meeting of the Council of Ministers in the province of Basra, and resolution for (80%) of the problems of this province and give them a wide reforms to the provinces and their contribution in the service of the citizen.

    He stressed the need for the descent of officials into the street and their proximity to citizens and listen to their suffering, they returned sessions of the Council of Ministers in the provinces step reduces the gap between the official and the citizen and restore confidence to the people, calling on the Iraqi government to continue in this policy that there will be one session per month in the province of Iraq's provinces to discuss the problems of the people and resolved.

    He also called for activating the law of 21 for provincial councils, which gives broad powers to local governments and assistance to Iraqi ministries in problem-solving service.

    And on anti-poverty strategy
    Stressed Mr. Amar is the need to develop a strategy and a clear anti-poverty after confirmed reports that the number of Iraqis below the poverty line 7 million Iraqis in the country is one of the richest countries in the region, indicating that the required strategy is intended to develop solutions and treatments and scientific plans and monitoring of those plans and the Archbishop of time showing decreasing of the poor.

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