Press release issued by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Nouri Shaways Roژ about officials' statements to the Federal Government in connection with contracts of oil companies

2/15/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -

Picked up some of the media recently told officials in the federal government relating to contracts my company the stricken Mobouapl and Total working in the Kurdistan Region in the field of oil, and raised these remarks the attention of local media and foreign many contacted the student Todahatna Our view on the subject in the light of this, we would like to clarify the following matters: The oil and all natural resources which Tktensha the land of Iraq, according to the Constitution is a wealth of national key which belongs to all Iraqi people in the various regions and provinces, and return their utility to serve them and increase their well-being and prosperity and therefore it is a matter common to everyone in this country and may not be a one-sided exclusivity to decide where isolation from the others. that such statements from our point of view, especially Maitalq which threaten global investment firms known to warn of the work in Kurdistan will lead to the reluctance of these companies and distancing itself from the work in all parts of Iraq must be that it will reflect a negative image for all investors in various fields, and this is contrary to the policy of the country's public economic openness, trade and encourage investment in various sectors for the promotion of economic reality and service and social development of the Iraqi people who have suffered for many years a deep economic policies, centralized and closed led to widespread poverty and destitution and deprivation. In addition, such statements will lead to the expansion slot and the difference between the political parties and the accumulation of new problems while we are at present in dire Mancon to thinking and cooperation in solving the existing problems through constructive dialogue and meaningful, especially as we Heading for the construction of an emerging democracy and promising, and this Matsay to him all parties, and political components of the national in the country . as in the various civilized nations, democracy, the best way to resolve such a problem is to follow the style of work and mutual dialogue and communication, which serves mainly the development of all sectors including industry and to increase oil production, which also comes through the use of international companies sober with experience and good reputation in this area which will benefit all the Iraqi people. We call to speed up the approval of oil and gas law in a manner consistent with the Constitution, which been asked by the Iraqi people and as quickly as possible and such a move constitutes a sound way to overcome the problems and differences in this important sector. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (DK)

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