Mr. Aref Tayfur of the delegation from the U.S. Embassy: Iraq's parliament is making a special effort for the success of the forthcoming meeting of the National

2/15/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
I keep Mr. Aref Tayfur Deputy Speaker in his office today a delegation from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad headed by Douglas any Silliman Minister Delegate for Political Affairs, At the outset of the meeting between Mr. Vice-President of the Council concern the Iraqi parliament these days the budget of the Federal 2012 and a study of several projects for the new laws and is currently making efforts exceptional for the success of a national meeting called by His Excellency President Jalal Talabani.
For his part, Douglas on the importance of providing the necessary support to the work of the House of Representatives of all political parties and national forces to give effect to its legislative and oversight, and added that the U.S. administration hopes that Iraq will be stable and become a model developed in the region.
At the end of the meeting, explained Tayfur that the return of Congress list the Iraqi parliament sessions in addition to the return of Ministers of the list to the Council of Ministers to engage in their daily work helped a lot to calm the atmosphere and surround the political crisis. Information Office of the Vice-President of the House of Representatives Wednesday, 02/15/2012

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