House of Representatives vote on a resolution supporting the parliamentary and governmental reforms in accordance with the Constitution

House of Representatives Minutes normal thirty-fourth voice, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 252 deputies on Monday 2/11/2015, the decision confirms its full support for the beams parliamentary and government reforms and his commitment to their achievement in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and laws as well as discuss the crisis of displaced persons and brine in Basra and accruals peasants.

At the outset of the session, Mr. Jubouri offered condolences on behalf of the Council of the hottest Deputy Amira Abdel-Karim of the death of her brother and to MP Hussein Sharifi of the death of his mother.

In another matter Jubouri President pointed out that the House of Representatives considered submitting a resolution that includes an emphasis on retaining the full powers of any party without authorization, whether judicial or executive post-modern debate on the powers of the House of Representatives whether complete or incomplete.
Then the Council voted on a resolution confirming its full support beams for the parliamentary and government reforms and his commitment to their achievement, according to the provisions of the Constitution and the laws in force within the time specified timings, denying any authorization by the Council of legislative powers to any of the other authorities. (Text)
This was followed by MP Abdul Kahar Samurai statement alive when the Palestinian people, who is running uprising against the Zionist occupation, alluding to the existence of a Zionist attempts to Judaize Al-Aqsa Mosque and split it in time and space and to prevent worshipers from him access to enable Almistotin him, noting that the Zionists have killed and the demolition of Palestinian homes, stressing stand with the Palestinians in order to support of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa across the public and political and media reaction and relief.
Council and read Surat Al-Fatiha in memory of the martyrs of the Palestinian uprising and the martyrs of Iraq.
Mr. Jubouri and expressed keenness of the Council on the continued presence of representatives of the religious components of the meetings of the House of Representatives expressing his sorrow for the boycott to protest the national card law, declaring on the transfer request boycotters Representatives of minority representatives for changes to the law to the Committee of Religious Endowments their solemn return for the boycott, calling Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs to convene a meeting with representatives of religious minorities for the purpose of access to the results and present them to the Council.
The Council discussed the recommendations of the committees deportees and displaced persons, health, environment, services and reconstruction, human rights, on the subject of the displaced.
And it submitted a report containing the relevant committees held a meeting based on the guidance of the Presidency to diagnose weaknesses regarding IDPs crisis caused by the floods in Baghdad and other provinces, referring to the service of government institutions failed to carry out its duties, causing exacerbate the suffering of the displaced.
Suggested committees find new accommodation for displaced people and take them to the buildings uninhabitable and the mobilization of all potential service and the Ministry of Finance, regardless entitlements of displaced persons and the intensification of the Ministry of Health and its institutions efforts as well as the claim of the Prime Minister for the attention of the displaced file and hold negligent in this aspect and assume the secretariat of Baghdad responsibilities in compensation for those affected citizens flood.
In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs MP Haider suggested the involvement of Alfoada Integrity Committee within the relevant committees to follow up the flood crisis for the existence of suspicions of corruption and mismanagement in the projects and sewage plants and the withdrawal of water in several areas of Baghdad.
She called the MP, but Talabani to allocate sufficient funds in the budget to build mobile homes for displaced people and take them from the camps.
The MP Salah al-Jubouri that the committees did not report the event especially since the level of the executive organs act in a manner reaction.
He called MP Raad Aldhlki to host the Prime Minister and gentlemen concerned ministers in the House of Representatives to discuss the situation of displaced people after the crisis of rain.
For his part, MP Mohammed Naji on the importance of the government is serious and expeditious procedures for the withdrawal of rain water from several areas in Baghdad that have been a real disaster.
She said Rep. Sunrise Alabegi that the recommendations do not include quick fixes to the problem, calling for the use of experts to submit their plans for the development of the fact the service.
And showed Rep. Hanan al need to allocate urgent session to host Mr. Prime Minister and the Minister of Immigration and Ms. Amina Baghdad and the governor of Baghdad to discuss the situation of the displaced by the floods and the occupied provinces.
The MP noted the importance of Vian intruder to take effective and urgent steps, including the formation of an investigative committee to hold negligent.
In turn, he indicated MP Risan Dler that the government is unable to provide necessary assistance to those affected, pointing to the existence of a failure to monitor the situation of the displaced.
He called MP Mohammed Moula to develop radical solutions, not just accounting only to avoid aggravation of the crisis, calling for a special meeting on the displaced and floods.
And it demanded high Nassif MP to take a decision of the House of Representatives would oblige the government to address the problem, wondering about the fate of allocated emergency funds.
He criticized the MP Ammar Tohme unwillingness competent service departments to address the effects of rain proactively to mitigate the suffering of the citizens.
For his part, MP Awad al-Awadi, to contribute effectively by politicians and opened for donations to address the suffering of the displaced people in Baghdad who are staying in camps where good living conditions are not available.
MP confirmed Tamimi morning and having technical problems at sewage plants and pull the water requires real and active processors with the provision of financial allocations for the implementation of projects.
Mr. Jubouri and the face of an emergency meeting tomorrow, including the ministers of defense, interior and Displacement and Migration, housing, municipalities, electricity and water resources, industry and the Municipality of Baghdad with the relevant parliamentary committees to discuss the status of displaced persons and compel the ministries concerned the performance of its duties to confront the current crisis or any crisis in the future, noting that in the case of arriving at recommendations will be Council call for an emergency session for the purpose of voting on the recommendations.
She Committee on Agriculture and Water and the marshes in charge of the presidency of the Council to follow up the subject of salt water treatment in the province of Basra to host the Minister of Water Resources and the presence of deputies from the province.
Committee concerned and recommended the formation of a committee consisting of resources and housing, municipalities and Foreign allocated a sum of money for the establishment of desalination plants and the governor of Maysan province an investigation into the failure Mayor Saleh Castle commitment by firing water allocations to Basra and activate the judicial side against abusers with the importance of pressure on Turkey and Iran to launch Iraq's share of water.
Recommendations included the need for the government to send a project of the National Council for Water Law to the House of Representatives as well as the formation of cell crisis, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister and membership of a number of ministers concerned to draw a road map to address the crisis and the reduction of the abuses taking place on the rivers as well as the formation of a parliamentary delegation from the committees of Agriculture and External Relations to visit Turkey, Syria and Iran to explain the serious consequences of this issue.
In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs MP Amer al-Khuzai stressed the importance of stopping Samarra canal Baruae and private lands where the cultivation of rice in dry years.
He MP Hassan Khalati to the importance of the adoption of quick steps to increase water releases to deal with the tongue, salted water in Basra.
She said Rep. Najiba Najib to the existence of great suffering among the people of the province of Basra as a result of the lack of potable water availability, calling for hearings with stakeholders to provide water.
The MP Amer Al-Fayez on the Basra water salinity significantly affected the agricultural situation in the province and contributed to an increase incidence of allergic diseases among the population.
MP Ammar Tohme urged to adopt the correct methods of administration of water resources to meet the salinity crisis.
For his part, MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki demanded hard to deal with the theme of water to alleviate the suffering of about 4 million people living in Basra acute situation many years ago without any solution, stressing that all options are open to people of the province to get rid of real suffering.
He urged Rep. Hamdiya Husseini to develop a strategy to take advantage of the water plans through the creation of dams and desalination plants to address the salinity of the water crisis.
The MP called on Maliki to Manat expansion of a water dam through the construction of three dams in certain areas in Basra province for the purpose of getting rid of water salinity.
And the deputy purity Jarallah that the establishment of desalination plants is very expensive and financially draining large electrical energy, a proposal to set up power stations contribute to desalinate water, calling for the involvement of the Ministry of Electricity in the proposed ministerial committee in the recommendations.
In its response to the Committee on the interventions it stressed that the recommendations were taken into account the above views and proposals of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives.
Then the Council voted unanimously on recommendations Committee on Agriculture, water and salt water marshes on treatment in Basra to offer the format decision.
And on follow-up the implementation of decisions regarding dues peasants Exchange, President al-Jubouri, pointed to the existence of an earlier decision of the House of Representatives on obliging the government regardless of their dues, calling the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives and the competent committees to follow up ministries and uncover the reasons for the reluctance of dues peasants and inform the Council by the Exchange.
For his part, MP Muthana al-Tamimi Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and the presence of sums of money estimated at 2 trillion dinars have not been paid so far to the beneficiaries of the peasants were paid in the financial dues payments to farmers on a price for their marketing wheat and barley crops.

Then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Tuesday 10/11/2015

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