After five years the idea has become a distribution of oil revenues on the citizen the consensus
On: Tuesday 02/14/2012 23:18

Let us turn the oil curse on the citizen to the grace of

Recently, calls for economic and political direction of projects launched in an attempt to translate the people's ownership of its oil and gas. In recent days, said Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, former Vice-President to the proposal in the distribution section of the oil wealth to the people, and included his suggestion that so they can be allocated 30% of the oil revenues of the people are distributed directly in return for that subject's income individuals to schedule my taxes and rationing state support in other resources.

Put oil expert Kamel Almhedy paper work in this direction by about two months and before that was the initiative of Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr in this direction and ensure the program of the National Coalition for the legislative elections 2010 hints in this regard and prior to that adopted by Dr. Ahmad Chalabi, a thesis similar in this context and referred to by Alkhbayrd. Musab al-Dujaili and perhaps others have not talked about Tsafna memory of their names.

At the end of 2007, while improving security conditions that allowed the return of export of the system, the northern and coincided with increases in oil prices received a cash surplus in the federal government, headed then an open letter to the Prime Minister and delivered by hand to visit him on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, with Iraqi dream and was entitled "It's time to feel the citizen ownership of oil."

Included to encourage the federal government to find a mechanism to sense the citizen ownership of its oil wealth. The proposal was based on the revival of the national oil company not as a company operating only, but is responsible for exploration and production and marketing of oil into ownership by 70% of the state and 30% of the people, that has every member of this nation shares in which were put some controls in a timely manner to be distributed sale of oil revenues and profits, after deducting the annual operating costs of the production, marketing and other oil operations, to the state and the people mentioned proportions.

The idea was to aspire to the two key issues: the first revival of the national company into a new vision - not as Artaaha some to be the company operating unchanged if our current - and even the parent company of Petroleum Operations and Marketing and the second to be linked to the Iraqi people with his fortune oil by giving them a share for every Iraqi citizen to this company . Was held in this context, several of which host seminars and newspaper term to explain away the proposal. But some did not understand the proposal at the time was Aocefh Baltobaúah At best, impractical.

After five years, according to today's vehicles have become the consensus idea of ​​many of those involved in the Iraqi issue and this reflects the possibility that turns ideas into projects for discussion even after a period of time based on needs of the country.
So we squeeze the hands of Almtsidin for this project to see the light as soon as the opportunity Altndaj, education and promotion, Vqnaatna the certain that this project is viable and will contribute to the stability of the political situation, economic, social and Iraq will be able to get along more with the changes taking place in the arena and we should not stop a lot at the negative aspects of partial and must be discusses Pklyate Fsngda has plenty of elements of optimism and success, let us turn to curse the citizen to the grace of oil.