Prevent leaves and Aivadat Representatives until adoption of the budget
09:27:15 / 02/2012

Khandan - Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to prevent Ivadat vacations and House of Representatives until approval of the draft budget law of 2012. This comes at a time in which it set last day on Thursday to discuss the government's budget after making several amendments to the bill.

He revealed the decision the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi "morning" for activation of the administrative sanctions for absent deputies and cut the amount of 500 thousand dinars of the monthly salary for each session absence, and doubled in the days where a vote on the laws, extensive details are published tomorrow.

Observers believe that the repetition of the deputies in the parliament sessions significantly affected in the adoption of important laws serve the citizens. And resumed yesterday in the House of Representatives 19th meeting, held under the chairmanship of Osama al-Chairman of the Board of Representatives and the presence of 196 deputies, to discuss the draft law of the federal budget for 2012.

The president of the House of Representatives for additional amendments to the budget by the government have reached these amendments to the House two days ago, demanding that the Finance Committee to consider amendments and included in the draft law on the federal budget. In turn called on the Finance Committee presidency of the Council to set a timetable for the vote on the budget and urged the committees Parliament to contribute to the cured, noting that the amendments to the government budget does not affect them, explaining that the Commission has not so far found doors can be reduced in order to increase pensions and social protection network and the demands of actors and other ministries.

The Committee noted the existence of a proposal to form a fund to help the poorest or need. Najafi also stressed that the Presidency of the Council decided that on Thursday the last day to discuss the draft budget law and budget reports on the Judicial Council.