Candidate for the office of the Interior withdraw his candidacy and announce his support for close to Maliki
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2012 11:00 HITS: 57

Twilight News / Secretary General of the Sons of Iraq, the coalition of those who care about the withdrawal of his candidacy for the post of interior minister, expressing his support for the nomination of senior agent of the Ministry of Adnan al-Asadi.

Abbas said in a statement reported Muhammadawi for "Twilight News", "Asadi candidate proved its worth in dealing with security files in a professional, are encouraged to support and endorse his candidacy for the post of Minister of the Interior."

Muhammadawi stressed "the need to resolve the file security ministries as soon as possible to ensure the capture file in order to achieve security, stability and safety in the street and to meet the aspirations of the Iraqi citizen."

The leaks that Tawfiq al for the National Alliance with the support of most of the political blocs to the assumption by the Ministry of Interior, at the time did not receive any of the candidates of the Iraqi List, convinced Neu-Maliki on the selection of candidates in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.