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Sons of the leaders and their relatives in the "new Iraq" re-date the previous regime

Posted 14/02/2012 10:33 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
warns Iraqis from the growing phenomenon of children of officials and commanders in Iraq, not in terms of surrender on larger tasks of their age and qualifications, but because of the these practices authoritarian in places where they are located, in a phenomenon of little children of officials of the former regime.
said citizens of the talk of "squares of liberation" that the phenomenon of children of officials in Iraq today is a big start from the phenomenon of Ahmed, son of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, does not end with the simplest job in the state.

Protected by the democratically-elected combat brigades?
The owners of shops in a street fight in central Baghdad, a street known trade office furniture, that the people responsible are on contract deals a great business of these shops, to furnish the offices of their parents, or contribute to the mediation of transactions of this kind, and that these people, if what they have to Street struggle they have provoked the citizens through Hamayatem and Nzkhm more than doing their parents and Hamayatem.
It is noteworthy citizens that "the son of the commander of Diyala Operations Lieutenant Abdul Amir al-Zaidi, who Ohiat news of his death at the hands of unknown assailants two days ago, but killed by members of the military control in the Utaifiyya Having overcome the soldiers and talk to them in a manner disrespectful and crude. "
and add several sources with the conversations citizens from the region that "an altercation occurred between the First Lieutenant Abdul Amir al-Zaidi, the son of the commander of Diyala operations, and between members of a checkpoint in the area Utaifiyya after returning from a wedding to one of his friends, "and that" members of the control of shot him with a pistol personal and shot him dead, "adding that" all members of the checkpoint has been detained and the investigation with them. "
and is expected to find these soldiers sanctions a great addition to the sanctions clan, as a result of the death of al-Zaidi, which was reviewed by the muscles in front of them for argument that led to his death.