The government budget
Author: Muhammad Abdul-Jabbar carp

Terrifies me to know that there is no specific date for the ratification of the state budget for this year, we burn quickly leaves the second month of it. And terrifies me more to come this information is not pleasing in the words of a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Najiba Najib, who said in a statement to the newspaper "by the people" that there is no specific date to validate the current year budget. So story is true, certain, and does not accept debate and questioning.

We are a country where the government plays a central role in people's lives, Kaldor does oil play in the accounts of the state budget. When the delayed ratification of the state budget, the many things freeze and stand place, including the appointment in state institutions where instructions were issued to stop the recruitment and employment in any way until the ratification of the budget. For this, the general feeling about the delay in the ratification of the budget is characterized by resentment, anxiety and dissatisfaction. Because people know instinctively that the delay in the budget will hurt their lives in various personal and public images.

There is much criticism now directed to the lawmakers for not Asrallm the ratification of the budget. But MPs are paying the charge themselves to disclose non-arrival of the final accounts of the state. Citizens do not know what is going on Balkowalas, do not know why the final accounts had not been delivered yet, but they know that their lives will be adversely affected by this delay is demobilized.

Has facilitated the politicians to move forward in the review of their political differences, and in long meetings to resolve these differences, perhaps to no avail. But not right to link ratification of the budget this differences. We must learn the art of dismantling the political class issues, Vtazl case the ratification of the budget, for political differences. Not least because the balance of interest to the sectors of the broader public, while the political differences do not matter only the least number of people. And can not control the issues of a minority, they are politicians, the majority of cases, they are public people.

For this, it is true that the rising voices urged to speed up the ratification of the federal state budget without undue delay.