Sources: Arab leaders will stay in Baghdad just three hours at the summit
12/02/2012 11:47

Baghdad / Orr News

Diplomatic sources informed that the Arab leaders for participating in the Baghdad summit will stay only three hours in Iraq. The sources close to the government that "there are understandings obtained during the visit of Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League Ambassador Ahmed Ben Helli, with the Iraqi government on the subject of the security situation in Iraq."

The sources said: "It was decided during the visit of Ben Helli said stay the Arab leaders in Baghdad for three hours only and will attend the opening session of the summit and then return to their countries," pointing out that "some Arab leaders demanded assurances to visit Iraq, which Ateke inflamed security has been decided to come Baghdad International Airport directly to the Green Zone, where the hall for the opening session and then return later to their home countries without spending one night in Baghdad. "

The sources as saying that "Iraq's agreement comes in the context of ensuring the summit timing specified end of next month after it was postponed in the last year," and noted that "the representatives of the Arab leaders are will finish top and often they will be ministers or ambassadors of their countries in Iraq."

Announced to the Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh, President Jalal Talabani, the formal invitations to the kings and heads of Arab states to attend the Arab summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of March next.

He said that the Syrian discuss the issue during the Arab summit is left to the Arab League, and that Iraq does not want to breach the agreements and that it would be Arabic with the Arab consensus. Dabbagh said Iraq hoped that in the presence of kings and Arab heads of state summit. He also hoped not to be discussed at the focus of political issues, but also includes the files and the economic interests of common concern to the Arab peoples.