Najafi issue an order granting leave or not to send to Congress until after the adoption of the budget financial

Date: Monday 02/13/2012 22:18

BAGHDAD - The Citizen

A source in the House of Representatives, thePresident of the Council Osama Najafi, issued an order not to grant leave or deployment of Representatives only after the approval of the financial budget for the year (2012). The source said in a statement quoted by the agency news that Najafi issued yesterday an order after its consultation with the Presidency not to grant any leave or send to the members of the Council until after the budget bill, the financial year (2012), explaining that it was distributed to mail members of the House of Representatives and its application will be on Monday (2/13/2012). The source added that the book is sent to the members also emphasizes the importance of adoption of the budget Finance for the implementation of investment projects stalled by the fire, as well as appointments. Earlier, he criticized the MP for the coalition of state law and a member of the National Alliance cult House of Representatives could not agree on strategies to the general budget for the current year because the demands of the blocks to be passed predominantly political.