Jubouri delegation Urby: looking forward to further cooperation for the advancement of the legislative institution

Search House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, with the European Union delegation headed by Christian Barker Deputy EU Foreign Services Manager in the Middle East and North Africa, Iraq and the role of parliament passage of important laws.

A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "al-Jubouri met with the European delegation in his office in Baghdad, today and discussed with him the political and security situation, and discuss the role of the parliament passage of important laws."
President al-Jubouri, stressed that the parliament passed several important laws, legal parties, investment, most notably, pointing to the existence of some controversial laws that require approval to a special National Guard general amnesty and de-Baathification laws of political consensus, stressing the importance of moving towards the establishment of suitable ground for the speedy enactment of these laws .
He pointed out the importance of providing political stability and security for the Iraqi people, especially in areas that have been freed from the control of the terrorist organization Daash, stressing the need to pay laws that affect the lives of citizens is paramount, praising the role of the EU in support of the legislative institution in the country.
For his part, the delegation of the European Union according to the statement expressed support for the efforts of the Parliament, represented by Chairman of the Council, stressing keenness to cooperate with the parliamentary committees to ensure that the legislation of laws Almanmh.