Chairman of the Iraqiya Slate at parliament, Salman Al Jumaili, said "the next meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the expanded meeting, will be held next Wednesday to come out with a unified political paper."

He said, in a press conference today "the Kurdish Alliance and IS, submitted their working papers in the preparatory meeting that was held today, Sunday, in which the submitted papers were discussed."

He added[SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"] "IS paper included the starting points from which the National Conference should start and its agenda in the presence of a real national crisis that needs to be resolved and that the political process is witnessing a turning point after the US withdrawal from Iraq. He continued "the Erbil agreement represents a major anchor to the meeting's agenda and that topic got the consensus by meeting participants."

He continued The Preparatory Committee for the National Conference due to be held soon held a meeting, today, attended by Parliament Speaker Osama Al Nujeifi, Deputy Prime Minister Rowsch Nouri Shaways, and Vice President Khudair Al Khuzae, and representatives of a number of political blocs.