Maliki: Council of Ministers to hold a hearing tomorrow in Basra, a message confirming that the provincial government's interest in the subject
Sunday, February 12, 2012 22:37

[Basra - where]

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the Cabinet held its meeting tomorrow in the province of Basra, where a message confirming that the provincial government's interest in the subject, and that the convening of this meeting, here is the first step will be adopted in other provinces.

Al-Maliki said during a meeting Sunday evening in Basra gathering of clans and elders Hiouh maintain that "the federal part of the Constitution, but we have to prove our security and our stability and unity of our country then we of the federal or other.

The prime minister: We can not believe the country's unity and stability, if not put an end to foreign intervention, and that these interventions cause us harm from any country that was, and we want to be good relations with all countries on the basis of non-intervention in internal affairs, and we want to befriend, not intervention, and open doors of friendship and close the doors of the intervention.

He continued that all citizens are partners in this country, which should prevail justice and equality and the granting of rights, because society can not be built properly if there is no justice and equality, and distinguishes between the Iraqis to possess keenness on Iraq and commits a crime against Iraqis, and the aim has is that Iraq remains a unified and coherent.

He also said: to be the adoption of efficiency and fairness in the selection of officials, and the quota system comes without the efficient and fair.

He has today reached Basra, where he opened a project escalation of energy export to the Southern Oil Company in Faw, pumped by [900] thousand barrels, and the ability of [400] thousand barrels for the year 2012, after which he flew and the delegation accompanying him to the Cultural Center in the oil to attend the ceremony, which held by the South Oil Company on the occasion of the opening of this project. "