Iraq stepping slowly towards political crisis remedy

12/02/2012 17:17

Baghdad / Erbil, February 12 (Rn) - The eyes of Iraqi politicians and citizens to the national conference will hopefully take place during the coming period to end a number of outstanding issues relating to how to manage the affairs of the country amid mutual accusations between the partners since the formation of a government headed by Nuri al-Maliki late 2010 .

The Preparatory Committee for the National Conference on Sunday, its second meeting in the House of Representatives, and was reliable in determining the date of the conference and national topics that will be through it, but the conferees will meet again on Wednesday to reach a specific agenda for the conference.

He said the head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Salman Jumaili during a press conference in Baghdad, "The Preparatory Committee ended its second meeting and presented the paper and the Iraqi List, the National Conference and also presented his vision of the Kurdistan Alliance was on the overall discussion of the papers presented."

He Jumaili that "the Iraqi paper containing the two axes, the first and second bases Conference Agenda Conference", which called for by President Jalal Talabani.

He said "the conference will be a turning point in the process of the political process for the post after the U.S. withdrawal, and we focused on the presence of the leaders of the first row in this conference to ensure its success."

He pointed out that the Jumaili "The other issue related to creating the appropriate atmosphere to ensure the success of the conference, which relates to the actions that caused the bombing of the recent crisis, an issue of Diyala and the issue of detainees and the issue of targeting of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi and the cause of the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq."

He pointed out that "the conferees agreed to apply the conventions of Arbil, and represents the fundamental basis for the agenda of the conference, and then get guarantees for the implementation of decisions of the conference," pointing out that "the third meeting will be next Wednesday to get out a paper standard of all the political parties."

And seek to resolve the Iraqi List, the issue Hashemi, in both its political and judicial away from the "politicization and extortion."

It was the dawn of the Iraqi judiciary has the political crisis in the country in the 19 of December, last December when it issued an arrest warrant for al-Hashemi on charges related to supporting death squads, and fled, Vice President of the Republic of Kurdistan province, and considered all the charges against him and to protect the elements of "fabricated".

He also sought Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to isolate his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq, and commented on the evacuated Iraqi participation in the meetings of the government and the House of Representatives prior to reverse its decision last week.

A member of the Preparatory Committee Bahaa al-Araji's (Rn), "The agreement was the day that integrate paper of the National Alliance and the paper submitted by the Iraqi List, to be one list and three doors, the first includes the problems of the legislature and the second problems of the executive branch and the third problems of the judiciary, and judicial we mean in terms of the structure without entering the details of issues. "

He said al-Araji, a member of the National Alliance that "it was agreed not to discuss the issue Hashemi at the meeting," noting that "the paper include the Kurdistan Alliance, the implementation of the agreements and guarantees of Arbil."

"We have said of the Kurdistan Alliance that vocabulary that remained Off conventions Arbil could fall under three headings according to its terms of reference and guarantees requested by the Kurdistan Alliance ensures presidencies that give either concerning the Baltoukitat or otherwise," noting that "it was agreed that the meeting will be the other next Wednesday. "

He described al-Araji, the atmosphere that prevailed in the meeting as "very good".

Some warn that a failure of the upcoming conference will end the current political process as a whole, and lead Iraq into a vacuum, may lead to the dissolution of the House of Representatives, and an early general election, which will pay towards the collapse of a security risk, began his features the current show, through the expansion of blasting operations in more of an Iraqi city.

A leading figure in the Kurdistan Alliance in the Iraqi parliament, Mahmoud Othman, said on Sunday that the Kurds are counting on the success of the forthcoming National Congress and work on it to remedy the political crisis in Iraq.

He said during his speech (Rn) that "to judge the success or failure of the National Congress is premature. We have to wait."

He says, "We hope to succeed (the conference) and are working toward that, and this week we will see how the meetings are going and how screening of the blocks, and no one can live conference from now on that fails or succeeds."