Germany plans to invade the Iraqi market
11/02/2012 14:54

Baghdad / Orr News
Revealed an economist for the German surprise "adult actors who ran the game in Iraq," she goes ahead and put it with the expectations of becoming number one in the market for alternative industries "excellence."
The source added that after the experience of the German Academy specialized information in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, could Agents automakers and machinery, machinery German that Athboa to the Iraqi market to threaten opportunities for trade and consumption, which she thought some states it will continue, and expect an economist to be the year 2012 is a good omen for the partnership of a German with the actual realization of the Iraqi men in the fields of industrial investment without the need for government channels and partnership in the installation of four giant factories for the manufacture of compounds according to the specifications on the German mark Iraqi Iraqi rather than Iranian or Chinese or Malaysian market, which invaded Iraq.
In the same context, according to a source familiar with the Turkish embassy in Baghdad held a meeting with "adult" after this step the German debate Mujtha which would threaten the monopoly Turkish American British Chinese to the Iraqi market, adding that they "will not endure that there is a third party such as Germany, especially since they suffer from rival of Iran in Iraq, which annoyed and Navshm strongly in the Iraqi market. " He explained that the meeting, the importance of benefiting from the negligence side of the Iraqi government to the importance of this matter and poor government planning to control the market and control, which is inspired traders of these countries and support their coffers and likely balances the economic, noting that "the meeting concluded that the plan is developed to address the threat German in Iraq be the date of submission of the plan the end of the fourth month of the year. "