Economic parliamentary: neighboring countries and traders are turning without the application of tariff

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2012 13:46

Twilight News
/ revealed the parliamentary Economic Committee, Saturday, on exposure to pressure from Iraq's neighbors not to activate the tariff law, noting that the law will be activated in the sixth month of the year.

A member of the Economic Commission Mahma Khalil in an interview with "Twilight News" that "after the enactment of the tariff should have been on the government activated so as not to rely on oil revenues only, as well as to enter the well-known origin and quality as well," noting that "the government argue not to activate the high prices of materials in the market, which negatively affects the citizens of Iraq. "
He pointed out that "there is pressure from countries Mquh and traders not to activate the tariff law in Iraq," noting that his committee "met one of the Iraqi ministers have announced that the pressures and the advent of two ministers from a neighboring country, one of them demanded access to all materials in general and the other students to enter the vegetable products and fruits in particular. "
Khalil added that "activating the law of entitlement to a national, nor can any country in the world that works without activation of the customs," stressing that "after conducting the House of Representatives amendments to the paragraphs in the tariff law became the government is obliged to activate the law Altrafah customs in the sixth month of the year the current. "
The House of Representatives has initiated tariff law, last year, to stop dumping toxic origin, and to support the local product, and reduce the phenomenon of unemployment prevailing in the country.