Reveals Araji's (long) table preparations National Congress

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BAGHDAD / menopausal Hossam Sam completed the political blocs today for meetings of the Preparatory Committee of the National Congress, as it is expected that the delegations provide bargaining leaves developed by through internal meetings, and then collected in the consolidated paper to be presented as a table work of the National Congress. was the first meeting held last week and attended three presidencies had been agreed on the need for adherence to the Constitution and the Conventions of Arbil. expect the National Alliance, said the upcoming meeting, which separates him several weeks, would solve all the problems of political blocs, not by the State of Law Coalition and Iraqi forces only, again refused to insert a Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi accused of supporting armed groups and the differences between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq. position agreed with him to some extent, the Iraqi List, which emphasized the need to resolve outstanding issues through the Constitution and abide by its terms, without selectivity, this is considered a coalition of Kurdish blocs as a coup de grace to the National Council of the policies Supreme, which is one benefit of the Iraqi List under the Convention on Arbil, which formed the government after the 2010 elections, but confirmed the possibility to replace the Council of the Federal service provided for constitutionally. A member of the negotiating team for the National Alliance, President of the Sadrist bloc in parliament Bahaa al-Araji, "is already in the first meeting, which meeting of the Preparatory Committee the three presidencies, the agreement not to include issues that are related to the judiciary, as an indictment of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi its support for armed groups, even away the judiciary from politics, so there are no pressures from the National Alliance or the Iraqi List. " With regard to other than Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki and his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq, played down al-Araji, said in an interview with the (range) yesterday, its importance and the "It's not a dilemma of large and can be resolved between the parties away from the National Congress." and waiting for the National Alliance leaves the political blocs in today's meeting in order to study well, and shows the member of the delegation negotiator for the National Alliance "We have early and our paper, and we will collect them and what the rest of the blocks in one list, and sort the participants about the points of contention that will be discussed later in order to be in front of one sheet of paper," In the opinion of al-Araji, "It is not inconceivable that there are three papers are put solutions together and therefore the joint paper will be a program of work of the National Conference year called by the President of the Republic. " Following a meeting today will be another meeting brings together the three presidencies to discuss the joint paper, explains al-Araji, "then will develop sub-committees working on finding a formula to find solutions for the paper standard and are to be delivered Committees authorization to work to end the three presidencies to determine the time when the National Congress will be attended by all the year in which the representatives of the political blocs. " Araji and stressed the difficulty of the procedures leading up to the National Congress and said "I will not take place without the passage of several weeks The procedures may seem complicated, but you must overcome." The chairman of the Sadrist bloc in parliament about what it entails and the paper of the National Alliance, said "We have 3 doors; the first of the file, the parliamentary and the problems that hedge it, Kalnzam of procedure of Parliament, which was not completed until this moment, also included a timetable for the laws of the task, especially those enshrined in the Constitution and overlap between the legislative and executive authority, and independent bodies and authority. " The second section, he noted al-Araji, he speaks of the executive branch, and added, "this side of the axes, the Presidency and the Council of Ministers, and see how their ability to perform their duties during the last period in accordance with the Constitution, The government must search for what accomplished for the laws to which it links such as Article 140 of the Constitution on the disputed areas, and problems of Baghdad and the region on the one hand, and the provinces on the one hand, and oil and gas law and the security ministries. " while touches the door the third and what he says al-Araji, the judicial authority , "There are a number of laws related with the judiciary, widowhood Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council." and the possibility of resolving the political crisis through the National Congress, refused to al-Araji, the only meeting to discuss the crisis of state law, the Iraqi and said, "We have a vision different from those from which our partners, we do not want the conference to resolve differences Iraqi rule of law and government, but rather find a formula to resolve all outstanding problems between the political parties without exception, and we want to put a working paper for Iraq after the withdrawal, and despite the difficulties, we are optimistic, but we expect during the next two meetings of the seriousness of the parties in dealing with the political crisis in good faith. " the Iraqi List, the other is ruled out the inclusion of My Hashemi and al-Mutlaq on the table in the conference or the national preparatory committee meetings, but she hinted at the possibility of put behind the scenes and find some of what it considered a semiconductor solutions to these files. Iraq announced its commitment to implement the provisions of the Constitution, without selectivity, but warned of the political consensus that was built on the basis of the political process and the Government's second term of the owners. said committee member unit Jumaili "We are looking at a national conference about the need to find solutions by resorting to the Constitution as the highest religious authority of the democratic process in the country, "afterthought" on the control points, but influential interpretation of its provisions according to personal whims and narrow partisan. " Did not overlook Jumaili by telephone (range) yesterday from the political consensus and explained, "some people want in this period exceeded but we deduced from this approach, because the contract that has been on the basis of formation of the government, the political consensus that emerged from the conventions of Arbil and we get the gains that Takamadt from those discussions, which gave legitimacy to a government headed by al-Maliki at the moment. " as complaining about the Iraqi and by Jumaili the right of citizenship and representation in state institutions and showed "we will put on the table for discussions of balance in the institutions, especially the military." on my Hashemi and al-Mutlaq said an MP for the Iraqi "will not be have an important share in the national meeting, but will look behind the scenes to find a semiconductor solutions, "pointing out that" these two cases Isodahma recession and there is no move for them, and that the political blocs in the truce, and they must stop the escalation of the media to deliver messages tranquility to the Iraqi street National Congress for optimism. " The coalition of the Kurdish bloc, has revealed the inability to assign the position of the National Council of the Supreme policies to Iraq after the agreement of the political blocs to abide by the constitution in the national conference, also said that resolving the crisis is through reliance on the Convention on the Erbil and get rid of the dominance of a particular party to the military, in referring to the National Alliance. MP Kurdistan Chuan Mohamed Taha explained (range) leading terms of the paper to be presented by his coalition to the National Congress and said, "it includes two parts, the first problem is concerned Political Generally, you must abide literally by the Constitution and the Conventions of Arbil, but you must keep consensus that conflict with the terms of the first. " and thus concludes Taha, "The demand Iraqi Council senior policy are almost impossible and they can search for another position and can give them the Federal Council provided for in the Constitution." said the parliamentarian Kurdistan "There is also a balance that has formed a committee to follow it but it is not effective, and we want the day to restore life to them through the National Congress, especially in the military-dominated political party of one. " As for the differences between the territory and the Centre, Taha said, "we set also in the paper, particularly Article 140 and the oil and gas law and file the Peshmerga and funding."

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