Iraq: National Conference final station should benefit the politicians to resolve their differences

02/11/2012 12:09

BAGHDAD / Knights of hopeMP for the Iraqi List, Mohammed Iqbal, that all political leaders today put the interests of Iraq above personal interests, noting that the National Congress as a final station should benefit the politicians to resolve their differences.
Iqbal said that "We want to build an integrated state, we are not the authority of a temporary shops or just come and go political responsibility of Iraq today is the responsibility of everyone."
He said we "as a complete angles, this requires us to prepare for interviews and to the flexibility between the politicians to make the country's interests before our eyes do not make the interest of neighboring countries is more important than personal interests of Iraq."
Iqbal pointed out that "if the problems remain between the politicians are going to get rejected for a popular audience who are political," adding that "the Iraqi citizen has given a great opportunity for politicians and the patience of a lot and they estimated that the Iraqi people."
He noted that "the National Conference will be the last stop should be accessible to all in the correct paths and review of previous positions," adding that "the politicians to stop Bhaknat society or injection doses of hatred, which has long suffered from previously.