Iraqi government in check «link» officers in Washington

2.12.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD - «life» Iraqi government is seeking to ensure that link a large number of security chiefs in the army and police in the United States. , it continues to the security authorities to investigate the involvement of a number of security companies in foreign illegal activities in the interest of the United States and other countries, prompting the government to take firm action right through the last few days. said a senior official in the government's request, not to mention his name, told «life» on it «in order to support the security forces and increase their efficiency seeks to ensure that reports pointed to a link a number of army officers and police States Nations after the withdrawal of its troops end of last year ». He added that «the government follows up on the news that if true, strict action will be taken«. He explained that «Iraqi officers, especially field they are coordinating their work with the U.S. military, but after the withdrawal of the army denied such an act without the consent of the government». He added that «different reports obtained by the government of the existence of some of the links countries abroad, but not exclusively with the United States, and we in the process of investigating this issue, especially in the case of the presence of spies. In the event proved, would punish those involved severe penalties under the Constitution and the laws of military discipline ». Despite the U.S. withdrawal from the country in the 31 of December (December) the past, but the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, which is considered the largest embassies in the world with «Office of Security Cooperation and the task of coordinating the work security and exchange information with the Iraqi government. has not ruled out for the Commission on Security and Defense and the presence of security agents are still linked to the United States. A member of the Committee Chuan Mohamed Taha said in a statement to «life» yesterday that «there are spies in the security forces or civil institutions is not unlikely, especially as the war spies exploit any loophole in any country to carry out its activities». He added that «the United States is established the new Iraqi army after 2003 and who oversaw the everything in detail and was the U.S. military is training Iraqi security forces and thus the presence of ongoing relationships is not unlikely but has not been confirmed so far ». He pointed out that «some officials are still subject to his audit Foreign Affairs and this will not be in the interest of the country, and reconstruction as the work of the investment companies in a difficult security environment remained tough ». He pointed out that «the Commission on Security and Defense scrutinize the information». It is known that the U.S. civil administrator Paul Bremer issued an order in 2003 to dissolve the Iraqi army and the formation of a new army, the United States and supervised volunteer on campaigns and training. Because of the success of the organization «base» in penetrating the Iraqi border and carry out acts of violence have led to sectarian war and the government continued operations of volunteer and has many forces now and the army about 800 thousand element. The newspaper «Washington Post» quoted security sources in Washington expected to retain the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA) the existence of a large and secret in Iraq and Afghanistan for a long time to ensure that the interests of the United States in dangerous places. Furthermore, according to a senior officer level in a statement to «life» that «the investigations conducted by the Ministry of Interior in the activity of some security companies and the possibility of involvement in violent acts and espionage as still on ». He added that «strict security measures have been taken against companies». was «life» revealed two weeks ago that the government received the report an intelligence secret confirms the involvement of a number of security companies in foreign illegal activities in the interest of the United States and other countries, is summoned to take action against them.

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