Finance Committee announces the parliamentary discussion of banking legislation

05-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

The parliamentary Finance Committee, announced Wednesday, discussed banking legislation for advancement to fit new economic sector in the country, prompting the Government to extend interest in the banking business. Announced that the parliamentary Finance Committee, Wednesday, for discussion of banking legislation to promote the economic sector to suit the country's new, ask the government to expand interest in the banking business.

She is a member of the Finance Committee in an interview for Risalat Najib "twilight news, its an expanded Conference will be held in the House of representatives to discuss banking legislation, and the advancement of the country's realities", stating that "Finance Committee did not specify dates for the Conference to date." A member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib in an interview with "Twilight News", to its expanded conference will be held in the House of Representatives to discuss the banking legislation, and promote their betterment in the country, "indicating that" the Finance Committee did not specify the date of the conference now. "

Najib pointed out that "it is essential that the Government attaches importance to the banking system to serve the work of the free market in particular and the new economic sector in general."

The program was the development of the United Nations (UNDP-IRAQ) and in collaboration with a group of experts in IT for the third phase of construction of the base of Iraqi legislation, which is based on the treatment of six legal subjects head and interpretation of the decisions issued by courts of Iraq and of the Kurdistan Region.

The most important as provided in the base banking legislation is the Iraqi: The objectives of the project, frameworks, and pillars, and the content of the information base, the realization of the production base of information, collection and identification of legislation and judicial decisions, engineering and programming information, processing and documentation of legislation and judicial decisions.