Seeking political blocs to emerge from the current crisis, as it will be represented at the Preparatory Committee of the second meeting tomorrow in the House and looking at ways to achieve a joint working paper to be agreed upon by all. And official spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc MP Farhad Atrushi that the next meeting of the Preparatory Committee will examine papers lists Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan. and held by the representatives of the political blocs met Monday at the headquarters of President Jalal Talabani in the presence of Prime Ministers and the Parliament, which yielded an agreement on four basic principles of dialogue the future between the blocks. He Atrushi in a statement to the representative of the "morning" Omar Abdel-Latif, said, "These The leaves are a perception of each block of the meeting, the National, where there will be topics found in these papers, will be discussed each topic separately, to reach a joint paper for all the political parties of all these papers and the points they contain. He stressed that this paper will serve as the agenda of the meeting National to be held soon if the agreed political blocs. The National Alliance has submitted a working paper at a meeting last Monday, which included a national vision for the events. For his part, stressed the head of the Kurdistan Alliance Fouad Masum, and the existence of an agreement on the adoption of agreements Arbil base of the understandings. Masum said in a statement news yesterday: "The next meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference will be held at the headquarters of the House of Representatives on Sunday."