Allawi's renegade: the start of the initiative Barzani Talabani of the failure of meeting

11.02.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Twilight News confirmed the cluster white, Saturday, that the calls launched by some political blocs to implement the decisions of the agreement Erbil will be the beginning of "failure" of the national meeting is anticipated, which is sponsored by President Jalal Talabani. The MP said the bloc white Aziz Sharif Mayahi in a statement reported for " Twilight News "that" the hint of some political blocs from now to the Convention of Arbil and the calls launched to make it a priority for the national meeting will be the beginning of the failure of the upcoming meeting to be held in the coming period. " and wondered Mayahi "What is benefited by the Iraqi citizen of the agreement of Arbil and the rest of the political agreements other? Do shares of the political debate long to alleviate the burdens and worries daily? " It is noteworthy that the agreement of Erbil, which brought about the formation of the Iraqi government took place under the initiative launched by the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, however, that some of the terms of this Agreement become the subject of controversy up to the non-implementation Kanath position Creator of the leader existing ethnic Iyad Allawi, and the distribution of the security ministries according to the agreement between the Iraqi National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance. said MP from the bloc white split from the Iraqi List, said that "the citizen began to get bored of the political pressure, which is now appear to be endless." and calls for the Iraqi List, the application of all the terms of agreements Arbil, prepared by the "Road Alasilym" to end the tension taking place in the political process. He said the "national duty and moral imposed on all the political blocs interest in state-building after the U.S. forces withdrew, and solve all the problems suffered by the Iraqi citizen, with make the public interest above partisan interests and partisan. " The mass white revealed earlier for lack of familiarity with some 300 vice the initiative of President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and paper National Conference to be held between the political forces, calling on President Jalal Talabani to submit a working paper include the issues will be put at the conference . 's p / m P

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