Deputy: Barzani step down will lead to the stability of the entire Iraq


MP has called for a coalition of state law, high Nassif, Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to exploit the problems in Kurdistan to resolve the contentious issues between the center and the region, as pointed out that the departure of Massoud Barzani for the presidency of the region will lead to the stability of the whole of Iraq. Nassif said for "Sky Press," that "al-Abadi not to be part of the problems in the region, but a party to solve, and it will exploit those differences to resolve several topics including the Kurdistan region's share in the general budget and the disputed areas and issues concerning the production and export of oil." "The Kurdish opposition parties of Barzani and his party should embrace and support because they are more national and is satisfied for its Barzani against the center," pointing out that "Massoud Barzani, was created crises in Iraq and invested in his favor."
He pointed out that "the departure of Massoud Barzani for the presidency of the region will lead to the stability of the Kurdistan region and center political and security, because Barzani was the reason for the entry Daash and control over large areas in addition to the political problems in the country."
The Kurdistan region is witnessing lack of security and political stability as a result of demonstrations demanding the ouster of Massoud Barzani for presidency of the province. :%2520%25D8%25AA%25D9%2586%25D8%25AD%25D9%258A%252 0%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D8%25A8%25D8%25A7%25D8%25B 1%25D8%25B2%25D8%25A7%25D9%2586%25D9%258A%2520%25D 8%25B3%25D9%258A%25D8%25A4%25D8%25AF%25D9%258A%252 0%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D9%2589%2520%25D8%25A7%25D 8%25B3%25D8%25AA%25D9%2582%25D8%25B1%25D8%25A7%25D 8%25B1%2520%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D8%25B9%25D8%25B 1%25D8%25A7%25D9%2582%2520%25D8%25A8%25D8%25A7%25D 9%2583%25D9%2585%25D9%2584%25D9%2587.html