World Bank Calls for Iraq to work single-window system to promote investment

After a long series of measures and facilities that the Iraqi government says it is still offered to investors ranging investment portfolio is in place, despite the promising investment opportunities that everyone recognizes they are available in Iraq.

The payment of this situation, some international economic institutions to put forward many plans and projects, to encourage investors to enter the Iraqi market, most recently invited the World Bank Iraqi government to enable the introduction of single window, which says an expert on the Iraqi Central Bank, Dr Majid picture he is in law Iraqi investment, but he did not do yet.

And shows the picture in his statement to Radio Free Iraq that the application of the single window system will contribute to addressing the problem of not dealing with professional investors, that has plagued Iraq today.

And confirms the picture, who heads the World Bank experts in charge of monitoring the process of development and investment in the country, that there are today reluctant to invest in Iraq despite the imposition of large available.

And applies the single window system in most countries of the world in order to unite all government measures relating to the provision of facilities for investors in one hand, to save time and effort.

The expert says the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Hilal Al Tahan, that this system can serve the movement of investment in Iraq, but its application needs to provide other essential ingredients for success.

Miller adds that the system of single window is not a magic key to success in the absence of attractive investment climate in Iraq.