Deputy: Iraqi demand guarantees political parties are required to implement agreed, fearing the end of "loose and foggy"
Date: Friday, 10-02-2012 01: 48 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ...Between the Iraqi coalition Deputy from//the Greens that the Iraqi Abdul Tahir will ask to insert the remainder of Arbel Convention items on the agenda of the National Assembly at the same time, stressing the need for safeguards as agreed at that Conference.
Taher said in a statement (News Agency news) on Friday: Iraq will be submitted to President Jalal Talabani paper containing their demands in the alastmrarbhakomh national partnership for discussion at the national meeting included implementation of the remainder of Arbel and that she carried him from the provisions of the Convention, in particular the policy Council axes passes how to unblock the file will also be legal release innocent detainees accused of coup d ' état against the State from within the files listed in addition to stop attacking Iraqi symbols.
Taher said: one of the priorities of the Iraqi demands in meeting national guarantees required all political parties to implement decisions reached and not its ends "loose and blurry" so as not to repeat what happened of Erbil.

He was a member of the State law, the National Alliance Deputy//Shaker Darraji said that winning the election blocs and participation in the Government that will represent the only national conference without the participation of clusters that never won.

Darraji said in an earlier statement (newsletter): national meeting will be held in the near future and now there are preliminary dialogues to meet to organize its agenda and put all the outstanding political problems. He added: the most important topics that will be presented are outstanding problems between the political blocs in addition to resolving the security ministries and certain bodies and his commands distinction and outstanding positions, noting that national meeting will not testify distribution of posts but the implementation of previous agreements concluded between the political blocs.

Noted: the winning blocs in elections would represent national meeting without the participation of clusters that had not won and this does not mean the exclusion of those blocks but have the opportunity to stand for election to come./finished/21 n. p.