MP Buffy: The paper contains the laws relating to the Kurdish federal state in depth
On: Friday 02/10/2012 15:17

Baghdad (news) .. Between MP / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Hamid just Buffy the paper that the Kurdistan Alliance, the second preparatory meeting will include laws relating to the essence of the federal Iraqi state.
Said Buffy (of the Agency news) Friday: The Kurdistan Alliance will discuss the laws regarding the depth of the federal state as law of oil and gas and the law of the demarcation of provincial boundaries, as it will ask to link the peshmerga in the Ministry of Defense and have the eligibility in its budget in addition to the remainder of the Convention on Arbil, noting that the Convention was formed on the basis of Arbil, the current Iraqi government and must implement all its provisions to resolve political differences.
The MP added: that the paper of the Kurdistan Alliance includes the demands of all the components of the Iraqi people in a federal state and not the demands of the Kurds only
And was a member of the State of Law MP / National Alliance / Shaker Darraji said that winning the election blocs participating in the government that will represent the National Conference only without the participation of the blocks that did not win.
Daraji said in an earlier statement (the news): The national meeting will be held in the near future and now there are preliminary discussions of the meeting for the organization of its agenda and put all the outstanding political problems.
He added that the most important topics to be discussed are the outstanding problems between the political blocs in addition to resolving the security ministries and some agencies and Kiedah teams and positions that are not resolved, noting that the national meeting will not be a distribution of positions, but the implementation of previous agreements concluded between the political blocs.
He pointed out: that the parties winning the elections that will represent the national meeting without a post of the blocks that did not win and that does not mean the exclusion of those blocks, but to have the opportunity to nominate at the next election.