Follow-up - and babysit - A member of the parliamentary Economic Committee on the mass of 'Abdul-Hussein Abtan that "everyone is pushing adoption of the budget for the current year financial and no one wants to impede the approval."
He Abtan that "pass the financial budget has nothing to do open some files, saying that" some want to pass the budget for the current year in Parliament quickly on the grounds that "there are a lot of things related to the budget of Finance of the salaries of staff and services as well as all sectors, while the majority of Members of Parliament Henk believes that a lot of notes on the financial budget First, oil prices and secondly: the final accounts which have not up until now to parliament and thirdly: the weakness of the budget to achieve positive results for the slides that need support. "
He pointed out that "there are two goals of the budget First, it must achieve a decent living for the Iraqi people and the fight against poverty and Second: You must achieve a quantum leap in the field of services."
The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided last Monday to postpone the parliamentary session eighteen normal to the fourteenth of this month for lack of quorum for the session, which was dedicated to discuss the budget for fiscal year 2012